Barton Creek at Lost Creek Blvd

Barton Creek at Lost Creek Blvd.

Barton Creek at Lost Creek Blvd.

I finally got on my road bike again after a couple of weeks off and headed into the hills on Lost Creek Boulevard to see if they’d be any easier in cool weather. The answer is yes, a bit easier, but the series of hills from Barton Creek Boulevard to 360 is still pretty challenging for me.

Another reason I choose the route was to check on the creek level at the Lost Creek Blvd. bridge. The water was flowing there, and I spoke with a mountain biker who was heading for the trails . There is a short trail along the North bank of the creek for residents of the area, but no easy access to the greenbelt and this isn’t a public access point, so it’s best to head for the trail head at Scottish Woods trail.

This is a good spot to start if there’s enough water to kayak or tube, but you need to be cautious right after a rain. When the water is high there’ll be lots of areas where water is flowing through the trees which is extremely dangerous. Just imagine getting stuck in tree branches in a strong current and you can see why these hazards are called strainers. It’s best to wait until things calm down a bit.

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