Barton Creek full after fall rain

Heavy rain in the area on October 30th resulted in very high levels on Barton Creek with peaks of 20,000 cfs at Highway 71 and about 19,000 at the 360 bridge. Here’s a video of what it looked like at Lost Creek Boulevard.

Yesterday I took a walk along the creek from about Twin Falls to the Violet Crown trail and saw a lot of evidence of high water. There were lots of trees down including at least one large pecan in the grove just downstream from the Mopac bridge. Here are a few photos.

On my way I checked on the progress of the Mopac pedestrian bridge. It looks like all the columns are up and they should start on the deck anytime. The projected finish date is March of 2016.

Violet Crown TrialAfter my walk along the creek I continued up the new Violet Crown Trail to the trail head on 290. The new trail markers are installed and make it easy to follow the route. This is a great addition to Austin’s evolving trail system.

Right now the creek is flowing all the way to the lake, the water is clear, and the trails are mostly dry. A great time to see the creek at it’s best.

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