Barton Creek full after recent rains

I finally got down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt after the recent rains, (12-14″ at our house!) to check out my favorite swimming holes. I normally wait a few days after a rain to prevent damage to the trails, but in this case it was a little longer than normal due to a busy weekend.

Flood debris on Barton Creek Greenbelt

Flood debris on Barton Creek Greenbelt

At it’s highest the creek was well above the trail in most places. To get an idea here’s a photo of debris in the tree at the Mopac bridge swimming hole. As is typical for a flood of this magnitude I saw several places in the trail where things have been rearranged a bit. It may take a week or so for the city to clear things out and for the trail to settle into it’s new configuration.

As you might expect the creek is full and as of today still running around the bend just downstream from the Mopac bridge. This is a high spot that drys up pretty early on as the creek slows down, so it’s a good indication that we have flow all the way to Barton Springs. It looks like great conditions for tubing or kayaking for beginners. You may have to walk a bit but you won’t have to deal with dangerous conditions.

Here are a couple of videos and some more photos…


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  1. Brenda Robillard says:

    Can’t wait to get down there myself. Finally we have running water!

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