Barton Creek Greenbelt Swimming Holes are Full

Last night’s thunderstorms came roaring in over the hill country to the west and dropped several of inches of desperately needed rain on the Barton Creek recharge zone. The USGS monitoring site on Barton Creek at highway 71 West reported a peak of over 1000 cfps, and as of this morning the creek is flowing all the way to Barton Springs. This means that all the swimming holes on the Barton Creek Greenbelt will be full for a while.

I usually wait a day or two after rain before I head down to the creek on local trails because it’s hard on the trail when it’s this wet. Although it’s not always up to date you can call the Barton Creek Greenbelt hotline at 974-1250 to see if the trail is officially open.

I’ll try to get down to the creek crossing at Lost Creek Blvd. to get some pics to post. You can also see the creek from the road at Lost Creek Blvd and may be able to catch a a quick look as you drive over the Mopac bridge.

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