Color returns to the greenbelt

Brenda and I took a walk to the greenbelt yesterday. She had planned for about an hour but we ended up doing a little ‘bush walking’ so we could get to Sculpture Falls without crossing the creek.

Texas Mountain LaurelI’d noticed that the Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) has been blooming in the neighborhood, so we took a detour through a patch of woods where I knew we would find some in the wild to see if they were blooming as well. Most weren’t, but I did find a couple of early blooms, and I could swear that I could smell them everywhere.

Twin FallsWe stopped at Twin Falls and as I reported earlier both sides are running and there’s plenty of water to swim, although with the temperature in the 60’s we didn’t see anyone in the water.

On our walk upstream we saw some other early blooming plants getting ready for spring, including Mexican Buckeye which may be out by next weekend.

AgaritaJust below Sculpture Falls, on the part of the trail that Brenda wasn’t thrilled with, we found some Agarita (Berberis trifolioata) in bloom. There’s quite a bit of this growing along fence rows in the Hill Country and I’ve been cycling in the spring when the air was full of it’s scent.

Sculpture FallsWe finally arrived at Sculpture Falls and watched as a couple of brave souls jumped into the water. I think we’ll wait for warmer weather before we follow.

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  1. Brenda says:

    The part of the trail that you refer to above Sculpture shouldn’t be considered a trail at all. 😉 But, I’m still glad that we took the risk on the not so beaten path to stay dry. Getting to Sculpture and seeing all that water was worth the trip.

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