Crash on Barton Creek Greenbelt

I headed out at 7:00AM yesterday for an early morning ride. This is one of the perks of living on Barton Creek. I can be on the greebelt in less than a minute.

I headed downstream to make a couple of videos for a project I’m working on. I’m making a series of instructional videos for beginner mountain bikers. Mostly examples of how to clear some of the more difficult obstacles.

After my usual (unsuccessful) run at the HOL I headed for home and was dropping down a series of steps that I’ve ridden hundreds of times when I suddenly found myself over the bars wondering if my thumb was dislocated or just sprained.

What happened? I’m not sure, but somehow my front wheel had turned completely sideways, throwing me over the bars. Obviously I wasn’t paying attention. I’ve noticed that my new bike has a tendency to dig in sometimes, probably at least partially due to the 73° head tube angle. I’m also wondering if a too soft front suspension could be a contributing factor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to Crash on Barton Creek Greenbelt

  1. ledgekat says:

    73 is slack ole fellow! Perhaps your just getting cocky on the drops:)

  2. Brenda says:

    someone called you “ole fellow”, I wonder what he would call you after riding w/you

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