Flooding on Barton Creek


We’re finally getting the rain we’ve been hoping for that will make a difference in the highland lake levels. Barton Creek has flooded and as I write this it’s running at about 1000 cfs at Loop 360.

If you’re looking for photos you won’t get them here. First of all I won’t hike in the greenbelt until it dries out a bit. Walking on the trails when they’re muddy is damaging. But the main reason is that it’s dangerous down there right now. Several tubers and kayakers  have already been rescued by the fire department. Not only is this dangerous for the folks rescued it’s also dangerous for the rescuers.

There are lots of on line videos of the flooding including on Austin Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

Here are a few options is want to safely get a close look at the creek at flood stage.

Stay safe out there!


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