Fun with Strava

I just started using Strava recently on my Barton Creek Greenbelt rides after my son Orion recommended it. They’re advertising heavily on the Tour de France, so most cyclists have probably heard of it already.

Like Map My Ride Strava allows you to post your rides / runs on their site and track your exercise, and you can use your smart phone to log your activities.

But Strava adds a fun feature that lets you compare your time on ‘segments’ with others. For example, the record for the Hill of Life segment is three and a half minutes while my best time is six and a half. This can be a good incentive to get out and see if you can improve your time on your favorite segments, or have a friendly competition with running or riding buddies. (Orion is currently ahead on the Veloway, but I’m gunning for him).

Want to see some amazing times on local routes? Check out Juan Pelota or other local pros for some examples.

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