GF Sugar back in action on Barton Creek Trails

GF Sugar ready to rock the Barton Creek Greenbelt

GF Sugar ready to rock the Barton Creek Greenbelt

I originally started this project 2 years ago when I bought a new (used) 29er and decided to rebuild my old Gary Fisher Sugar.

For some reason I thought that a new paint job was a good idea, and after looking at my options I took my frame to a local shop to have it sandblasted. The shop assured me that they had experience with bikes and carbon fiber, but they managed to sandblast a hole in my carbon fiber rear triangle. Bummer.

Since then I’ve been haunting ebay looking for a new frame, and finally found a perfect match. I’d already bought new wheels and bottom bracket, so all I needed was brakes. I found a set of XT integrated brakes / shifters on Craig’s List and finally had everything I needed to put my old ride back together. As built it’s about 27 pounds, not bad for an old full suspension bike.

My first test ride was on the Slaughter Creek trail, and I’m really happy with the way the bike rides. Back on the Barton Creek trails it reminded me of why I bought my 29er. At least now I have a spare for visitors, and it’s a good choice for less technical trails.

Next project? Maybe my old 80’s Specialized Rock Hopper needs to get back on the trails. Anyone have an antique fork that would fit?

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