New wheels for my sugar

New wheels for my Gary Fisher SugarI got a great deal on a set of AC hubs and Crest rims for my Sugar rebuild project. They even came with tires!! Now that I have new parts I need to get back on the job and start putting things back together.

The next step is to decide what to do about paint. The frame is pretty beat up, but as far as I can tell a professional paint job would be at least $350, which is just not in the budget. I’ve decided that I’m going to take some sandpaper to the frame and see what I can do with canned spray paint. A friend suggested that I try looking at automotive stores for suitable paint. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Has anyone out there painted a bike???

My next step for parts is a new bottom bracket and crank set. The existing bb bearings are shot. Once I get this I could put everything back together since the brakes and shifters are still functional. Anyone have a lead on a bottom bracket?? Give me a call.

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