Rain Gets Barton Creek Running Again

Steady rains over the next day or so should get Barton Creek running again. So far we’ve had from two to four inches so far to the west over the drainage area and the creek is flowing at almost 50 cfs at highway 71 and almost 10 cfs at 360. If you want up to date info You can see the latest data here.

I recommend staying off the trails until things dry out a bit. The mud gets pretty deep when we have this much rain so they’ll be closed to prevent damage over the next day or so.

Once things dry out a bit I’ll head down and see how the swimming holes look.

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2 Responses to Rain Gets Barton Creek Running Again

  1. Lisa Martin says:

    Thanks so much for the report. We live in Lakeway and love the Barton Creek swimming holes but never know if there is enough water to do the rope swing and jump the cliffs at Twin Falls. What is the best online resource to find out about water levels? Let me know if you end up going to check out the swimming holes this week. I would love to hear how they are looking. Thanks so much for your posting! Lisa

    • admin says:

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for your comments. The US Geological Survey maintains stream flow gauges at several locations along the creek. You can find a description and links on my blog here. Right now it shows good flow at Lost Creek Blvd but nothing at Loop 360, so it’s hard to say what the conditions are at Twin Falls. My guess is that there’ll be water there. I’m traveling so I won’t be able to get to the creek this week. Maybe someone else can take a look and report.

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