Showers do bring flowers

Dayflower and Turk's Cap

Dayflower and Turk's Cap

I headed out this morning for a ride, not expecting to see many changes. But I was wrong. The recent rains brought out the Turk’s Cap. It’s everywhere. In this picture there’s a single day-flower in the foreground.

I rode down 14 Creeks / Sweet Sixteen and there was still mud at several of the crossings. Not too many folks on the trail so I rode the main trail to the hill.

I headed up the Hill of Life and made it past all of the hard obstacles and was cruising toward victory when I got over confident and had to put a foot down for a second. I’m going to log this as close enough to count as clean.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I miss the water down in the creek, but it’s nice to know that some flowers are drenching the area with some color.

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