Violet Crown Trailhead open in Sunset Valley

Violet Crown TrailI was driving west on the 290 frontage road just before Brodie lane the other day and thought I saw something new flash by, so I headed out to explore. Sure enough the new Violet Crown trail head in Sunset Valley is now open. There’s no parking so if you’re planning to head down the trail from here I suggest parking in the Spec’s parking lot. From there just head east on the gravel path along the west bound frontage road and you’ll see the trail head just past the water collection structure next to Spec’s.

This section is about one mile long and joins the existing Sweet 16 trail which runs between Barton Creek and Travis Country. Bear right / downhill at the intersection to get to the creek. This is a relatively smooth trail, but there are a couple of creek crossings before it joins the main Barton Creek trail just downstream from the Mopac bridge.

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