This week on Barton Creek Greenbelt

I took a short ride yesterday on the Barton Creek Greenbelt to check on the creek after last week’s rains. The creek is still relatively full with good flow around the high spot just downstream from the Mopac bridge, and Twin Falls is flowing clear on both sides. As of this morning the USGS reports a flow of 17 cfs at the 360 bridge, another sign that the creek is full.

I took another ride on the new alignment for Sweet Sixteen and although some of the more challenging obstacles are gone I think that it’s an improvement overall. I didn’t head up the Violet Crown trial to 290/71 because from what I could see from the top last week the final connection still hasn’t been made.

There’s been some progress on the Mopac pedestrian bridge. The foundation for the bridge seems to be complete on the south side and there’s what looks like a temporary bridge for construction equipment in the creek bed.

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